It is story of success

Vitact’s story was inspired by nature and ancient medicine. We have gone back to our roots where humans were healthier because they lived by more natural life. We expanded this view to the development of supplements for everyday life. All plants and minerals found in nature correspond to specific colors and thus colors have a main role in their efficacy on our body. We believe colors tends to send a subliminal message to our brain which can be the root cause of success or failure.
Based on traditional remedies from ancient times color speak so deeply to our soul and bodies’ philosophy that we are convinced colors have the same energy as the energy emanating from our souls. On the same note, human temperaments such hot and cold temperaments addressed by ancient medicine can be attributed to colors. This highlight the importance of colored food and plants and how some food and herbal can be medicine.
At Vitact, by utilizing elements of ancient eastern medicine as elaborated by Avicenna we have incorporated plants, vitamins and minerals of different colors and qualities to build supplement that bring balance to human nature and help nourish and strengthen the human body. We take pride in our utilization of ancient medicines and modern science in developing our products in order to benefit the human health.

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